Selling Real Estate

How I will sell your Real Estate

How I will sell your real estate

Sales process that will ensure a smooth transaction

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    Needs analysis

    I ask a lot of questions at this stage so that I can understand you well. This is how I can work out an effective solution. Do you want to sell your existing property and buy a new one? In this case, moving out times and security are important. Do you want to sell your property while living abroad? I have helped such clients numerous times.

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    documents can often become a headache. Do not worry, it’s within my competence: co-owners, bank or court permission, property valuation, liens, arrears, and other documents. All of them will be checked and put in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the sales process.

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    it is important to set the price correctly when selling. If the price is too high, the property will attract little interest. This may result in missing out on the most opportune moment to sell. While a low price can spark a lot of interest, it may result in you not earning as much money as you could. I will set the price for success.

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    Object preparation

    most people choose apartments based on emotions. Believe it or not, but the apartment can be fallen in love with at first sight. Just like in preparation for a date, the apartment must be neat, clean and smell good. I will help you prepare it properly.

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    attractive property presentation and information spread - I would call this a real estate marketing mix. Starting with photos, description and visualizations and then spreading information through both standard and non-standard channels. Everything is done according to context. This achieves maximum efficiency.

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    The deal

    At this stage, we negotiate the price and sign a preliminary sale and purchase agreement. I prepare the necessary documents before the visit to notary.

Congratulations - your property is sold.

It is not the result of success but of work and process. On average, I sell an asset within 4 weeks.

Liudas Barčauskas

"I never thought selling a home could be that easy."

Liudas Barčauskas
Sold property

What do you get exactly

when I take care of your real estate sales:
  • Objectivity

    to see everything as it is. There are times when homeowners and buyers fail to complete the transaction solely because of emotion and miscommunication. For example, because of a tactless comment or a misunderstood word. I have seen many different situations so I easily recognize miscommunications and help avoid them.

  • Apartment overview

    often when I inspect an apartment I notice why the owner cannot sell the apartment by himself: unpopular colors, unpleasant smells or other things. Although the apartment may be very good in general, but as the saying goes, the devil (or God) lies in the details. I notice and arrange them.

  • Professionalism

    it's about knowing what's most important to customers. Women care about the location of the house, the trails. They see if it is convenient for children to return from school, how close the nearest shop is and whether the location is safe. Men, meanwhile, may be more concerned with multi-camera windows and apartment insulation. I'm talking about what's important to your real estate buyer.

  • Confidence

    I interact with my clients and behave in such a way that there would not be even a slightest doubt in my reliability. With mutual trust, the process is smoother and more efficient. Feel free to leave me the keys to the apartment so I can show it to potential buyers myself and save your own time.

  • Communication

    sincere and always open. Your problems and concerns are my job, so I'm always ready to help you.

  • Security

    you will feel safe at the point of sale because each step will be thought through in advance and I will give you all the information at each step. We will not leave any room for uncertainty.

I will help with the sale of your real estate property