Buying Real Estate

How I will discover your Real Estate

How I will discover your real estate

Buying process that will ensure a smooth transaction.

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    First and foremost, I ask essential questions to better understand you. We all have a different understanding of what a dream home should be: size of the property, the location and the layout of rooms – these are just a few of the starting points. I try to understand your vision so that I can select only the most relevant offers to save you time.

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    We only go to see objects that are worthy of attention. We ask basic housing questions and find out the pros and cons. I know from my experience what to pay attention to, what owners might try to conceal, or what might cause problems later. We find that out in advance.

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    Correctly arranged documents are the key to a smooth transaction. I have the means to find out if the apartment is unrestricted, whether the preliminary contract was signed by the real owner and if there are any legal problems with the property planning, registration of documents, etc

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    In order to successfully negotiate, I first find out all the information about the object - apartment, environment, neighbors, etc. I use the resources available to evaluate the property. After all, having entire available information and good arguments makes it much easier to negotiate with a homeowner for a more favorable price.

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    The deal

    Together with you, I will prepare all necessary documents for the purchase: real estate evaluation, court permission to pledge property, credit agreement, etc. Then we visit the notary to confirm our commitments.

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    Moving in

    If needed, I can offer my partner finishers and interior designers to turn a new real estate property into a cozy home.


you have found a cozy place to become your home or a productive workplace!

Liudas Barčauskas

"I never thought buying a home could be that easy."

Liudas Barčauskas
Purchased property

What do you get exactly

when I take care of your real estate purchase:
  • Quality Assurance

    The quality of your future home will be inspected by a professional expert - my partners will ensure that the home you purchase is thoroughly examined. They will know what to look for when buying an old/new real estate property.

  • Recent offers

    I quickly find out about the objects that have just appeared on the market that meet your search criteria. This way you have the opportunity to see and secure the best deals first.

  • Undisclosed objects

    I have access to Capital Team private system, containing objects that are not published on public ad portals. This perk may help you find the most suitable object according to your criteria.

  • Market knowledge

    I am constantly participating in real estate property buying and selling transactions, analyzing market trends, evaluating information about various objects - so it is easy for me to tell if the price of a particular object is good.

  • Communication

    Sincere and always open. Your problems and concerns are my job, so I'm always ready to help you.

  • Security

    You will feel safe at the point of sale because each step will be thought through in advance and I will give you all the information at each step. We will not leave any room for uncertainty.

I will help you with your real estate purchase